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"নিরাপত্তা হোক স্বয়ংক্রিয়াভাবে, বিশ্বাস হোক পূর্ণ। সিকিউরিটি অটোমেটেড প্রোডাক্ট দিয়ে আপনার সম্পদ রক্ষা করুন"। । ।

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Techdeal Is The Best Security And Automation Retailer Shop In Bangladesh

Security and automation refer to the integration of security systems with automated processes and systems. This can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations and help reduce the risk of human error and cyber attacks. Examples include access control, attendance systems, burglar alarm systems, entrance control solutions, video surveillance, video doorbells, smart door locks, security inspection, and parking management from famous brands including ZKTeco, Hikvision, Ezviz, Virdi, Flyingvoice, Realtime, Nexakey, Vians, DSPPA, etc. The goal is to streamline security processes and minimize manual intervention while maintaining the highest level of security for the organization. Techdeal has procured the most comprehensive and versatile collection of technology products, considering every customer's preference. We sell the best security and automation products with extreme features at the best prices in BD.

Best Access Control Shop In Bangladesh

Techdeal is the largest and most reliable branded access control shop in BD. Techdeal Access Control Shop has the perfect device for you. An access control system manages and controls unauthorized access through personal identification numbers, card systems, etc. Where are these building access control systems mainly used? Access control systems are primarily used for warehouses, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, community centers, residential leasing centers, and a variety of commercial premises. The main purpose of using these systems is to secure your business from theft, robbery, and vandalism. Apart from that, an access control system can be used to restrict unauthorized visitors and keep a record of your employees’ entry or exit. You can also limit your employees' access to sensitive areas. Techdeal sells the latest models of the most popular access control brands such as Couns, Hikvision, Realtime, Virdi, ZKTeco, etc.

Attendance System At Best Price In Bangladesh

Techdeal can assure you the best Anviz, Hikvision, Realtime, Tipsoi, Virdi, ZKTeco, etc., attendance system prices in Bangladesh. Attendance machines allow employees to clock in and out electronically via timeclocks, internet-connected computers, mobile devices, and smartphones. Some solutions also provide the ability to punch in and out via PC or smartphone, such as text messages or RFID cards, Twitter, Facebook, and other communication devices. When an employee is in or out of the office, data is instantly transferred to software that can seamlessly import it into your payroll solution or other customized software. This time and attendance system does more than just track employees as they come and go. It monitors employees on mobile phones through geolocation and geofencing, manages paid time off (PTO), generates daily employee schedules, and provides detailed reports and real-time data on who is working, who is not, who is late, and more. It also gives data on those close to overtime with payment cost data. Time and attendance systems offer self-managed services that allow employees to manage many time-tracking tasks at their own discretion, including reviewing how long they've worked, their current and future schedules, and their PTO accruals.

Buy Burglar Alarm System At Formal Price

Burglar Alarm An Automatic Device For Giving An Alarm When A Window, Door, Safe Etc. Is Opened Or Tampered With, Eg By A Burglar. Burglar Alarm System Protects Your Valuable Assets In Your Home, Office Or Organization From The Threat Of Theft. So Techdeal Came The Advanced Burglar Alarm System Lower Price In Bangladesh. It's Easy To See Why Burglar Alarms Are Necessary For Both Homes And Businesses. Simply Put, Immediate Action During A Break-In Is Critical, And Burglar Alarms Help People In The Area React Quickly By Alerting Them To A Security Breach. Consequently, It Is Important To Understand The Basics Of A Burglar Alarm System, What They Are, What They Do, And Most Importantly, How They Work.

Entrance Control Solution At The Best Price

You can protect members of the public, your staff, and contractors working on your premises with entrance control solutions and security gates from Techdeal. We are global leaders in providing security products and services for various industries, including banks, retail, CIT, mass transit and transport, leisure and entertainment, and more.

Techdeal provides reliable entrance control solutions that give your security staff complete control of who can enter and when. Our products include metro ticket gates, airport security gates, admission ticketing solutions, turnstiles, speed gates, and return-to-work solutions for contactless entry. When high security is crucial, security booths give you extra peace of mind since entry and exit require a two-stage authority check.

Techdeal offers a wide range of entrance control solution products with competitive prices and product specifications to choose from. Find the perfect entrance control solution product for you at the best price in BD and see why Techdeal is the top choice for customers looking for high-quality and affordable options. All of our products come with an official warranty.

Smart Door Lock at the Best Price in Bangladesh

In the ever-evolving landscape of home security, smart door locks have become a pivotal part of safeguarding our homes and businesses. The convenience, security, and advanced features offered by these innovative devices make them an attractive choice for many. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of smart door locks, specifically focusing on ZKTeco and Timmy, while also exploring electromagnetic (EM) locks. We will also discuss the advantages and future prospects of smart locks, share insights into Techdeal BD - a popular shop in Bangladesh for these products, and answer common questions about smart locks.

Security & Vehicle Scanner at best Price in BD

Security and vehicle scanners are essential tools for ensuring the safety of people and property. These scanners are used to detect dangerous objects, weapons, and explosives that may be concealed in vehicles or on a person. They are commonly used in high-security areas such as airports, government buildings, and borders. Security and vehicle scanners come in various types, including X-ray machines, metal detectors, and millimeter wave scanners. They are designed to be highly accurate and efficient, enabling security personnel to quickly scan vehicles and individuals without causing significant delays. With the use of security and vehicle scanners, authorities can enhance security and prevent potential threats.

Ip Phone & PBX Device Price in Bangladesh from Techdeal

If you are in search of high-quality and reliable Ip Phone & PBX Device Price in Bangladesh, look no further than Techdeal - your one-stop shop for all your communication needs. We offer a wide range of Ip Phone and PBX Device Price in Bangladesh from top brands like FANVIL, Flyingvoice, Grandstream, and Yeastar at competitive prices. Our products are suitable for office, industry, and home use, and come with a range of features to enhance your communication experience.

Security Surveillance at Best Price in Bangladesh

If you want to keep your home secure, you must invest in a home security camera. There are lots of security cameras and video surveillance systems to choose from, with cameras that offer features such as two-way communication, motion detection, night vision, cloud storage, smart alert, professional monitoring, and HD video quality. You have numerous options to choose from the market -- including specifically indoor, outdoor, wireless security cameras. With the rise in security concerns, CCTV surveillance has emerged as a reliable and effective solution. At Techdeal, we offer an extensive range of CCTV cameras, including renowned brands like Dahua, Hikvision, and ZKTeco, providing you with peace of mind at the best prices in Bangladesh. CCTV cameras not only keep your home danger-free but also it is now mandatory for businesses, schools, colleges, and public places. In addition, these cameras provide all activity in your businesses, home, or any other premises. CCTV surveillance will help to prevent any burglary.

Best After-Sales & Warranty Support

Our aim is to ensure the best quality after-sales service and warranty support for our customers. We are providing warranty and after-sales service from each of our branches. Anyone can get after-sales service from any of our branches, no matter which branch they purchased the product from.